Blufærdig Bjørn

Corporate Identity & Packaging Design

A Danish chocolate company who sell a line of unique fruit and nut infused chocolate bars, using only what is grown by regional farmers. They have stong ties to traditional values as well as a deep desire to innovate and experiment.

The Goal

A relatively young brand, Blufærdig Bjørn like to think outside of the box and were in need of an visual identity and voice to make their presence known in the world of European chocolates, as well something that is versitile, memorable and able to stand the test of time.

The Outcome

The primary typography chosen uses child-like traits in it's shape and alignment. This is paired with the highly functional typeface Aktiv Grotesk to give the highly characturized typography some grounding. The colors used are inspired by Scandinavian art as well as its agriculture and environment. The branding also utilizes a small set of abstract, wobbly, and imperfect shapes, which correlate to abstract impressionism, following the theme of creative innovation. They also have a natural and tactile feel, relating to the ingredients used in their product.